Magnifying Soldering Station Stand

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Say Goodbye to Traditional Helping Hands

Getting frustrated with the old norm third hands? Indeed, say goodbye to those helping hands when you get to have this magnifying soldering station. With flexible arms and magnifying light, you get the most helpful aid in your soldering jobs.

  • 3x magnifying glass with LED light with adjustable color and brightness
  • Flexible arms with adjustable alligator clips to help you while working
  • Aside from reading and painting, perfect for precision projects that require accuracies such as soldering and welding electronic boards, jewelry making, and other art crafts



Working Gets Better and Safer

You can work on your soldering and other tinkering tasks with the aid of universal flexible arms with alligator clips. Additionally, a 3x magnifying glass with LED lights is included for maximum illumination. It is adjustable with 3 colors and 10 levels of lighting according to your need and working conditions.



Get Helping Hands and Clips

Flexible and adjustable gooseneck helping hands with removable alligator clips. They can be fully rotated 360 degrees and easily positioned whatever you want. Alligator clamps are insulated and soft touch. They hold without scratching or pinching circuit boards and wires. Extremely heat resistant and not easy to break.



Sturdy and Stable Base

It is easy to clamp your helping hands at table edges in order to have a stable base and unobstructed lighting. A space-saving feature and easy to carry.


Wide Application

Not only for soldering microchips, electronics, and tinkering work, but your workstation can also be used for jewelry making and repair, crafting, painting, and hobby work. Any job that requires precision and accuracy.



Product Specification:

Color: blue / black
Base clip material: plastic
Universal Joint Pipe Length: 90+ 270mm/300mm
Magnifying Glass: 55mm dia


Package Includes:

5 pcs alligator clips
2 pcs Y-shape universal joint pipe
1 pc universal joint pipe
1 pc desk clamp
1 pc magnifying glass with LED light

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Magnifying Soldering Station Stand

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