Brake Caliper Tool

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360-Degree Multi-Functional Brake Caliper Press Tool

Want to go from handyman to mechanic in a weekend? Want to be able to adjust brake pumps in a pinch? But we all know, using a C-Clamp is a pain.

However, this tool meets your compression needs and takes the hassle out of replacing brake pads. Whether It’s a 4 or 6 piston calipers car. This brake caliper press tool makes separating them a breeze.

The tool is sturdy, flexible, not fussy, and can be set in just about any direction. Resetting is also easy - as simple as flipping a switch. Swapping out your hand screw with this caliper tool will feel like night and day.



Multi-angle Capability

This brake caliper tool has a full 360-degree rotation. You can use it at any angle with ease. The soft plastic-covered handle is a major plus. Making sore arms and wrist fatigue a thing of the past.



High Compatibility

It works on single, twin and quad pistons. In combination with its compact design and small size. It allows you to work on a variety of car models without having to switch tools.



Even Force Distribution

This versatile caliper compressor's flat face applies even pressure to multiple pistons at once. It also prevents the skewing that regular caliper compression tools can cause to twin, and quad pistons.



Product information:

Material: carbon steel
Scope of application: auto repair and mechanical repair
System: Manual
Color: blue
Packing list: 1* Brake Caliper Wrench

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Brake Caliper Tool
Brake Caliper Tool

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