Car Wind Shield Snow Cover

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Say Goodbye to Snow Scraping

Snow on your car’s windshield would greet you every time you wake up in the morning. And it might take your precious minutes each time you get rid of them. This windshield snow cover brings you a smile --no more snow scraping in the mornings. It protects your windshield from those annoying snow, ice, and frost every time winter comes.

 Four layers of high-quality materials to give thickness and durability to withstand wind, frost, and ice. Also fire-retardant and scratch-resistant.

✅  Extra-long cut gives a sunshade and your windshield wipers are protected from ice damage. Also protects from fallen leaves and other objects 

✅  Contains magnetic suction and elastic band edging to hold securely. Anti-theft design since your snow cover is secured to the inside of your car. 

✅  A windshield snow cover that is best fits SUVs and sedan cars. 




Protect Your Car’s Windshield

Snow always covers your car’s windshield. This winter windshield cover gives great relief by waterproofing your car to give it superior protection while freeing up your time from scraping the ice every morning. It gives snow cover and hail protection. Give your car snow, ice, and frost defense!  



Thick and Durable Protective Materials For You

This windshield snow cover has 4 layers of high-quality materials (aluminum film, cotton, weft cotton, black nonwoven) to give you ample thickness and durability to withstand wind, frost, ice, and other harmful environmental elements. It is also fire-retardant to prevent burning. The soft opaque, black nonwoven fabric lining protects your screen from scratches. Fine edging prevents edges from falling off.




Feel Cool While Driving

Aside from snow cover, it can be used as a sunshade protector. It perfectly blocks the sun to give you cool driving and also protects your car’s upholstery. The extra-long cut can protect your windshield wipers from ice damage. Also protects your windshield from fallen leaves, bird poops, and other fallen objects and stops them from entering or getting stuck in the gaps between the windshield and the hood.



Your Car Cover is Securely Fastened  

Your windshield snow cover is secured due to its unique cut and design. It contains magnetic suction and elastic band edging to snugly fit your car, thus, it won’t be easily blown away during windy days. Anti-theft design that secures your snow cover at the inside of your car. It has two small wings which you can pinch at your car’s doors.



Ideal Size For Your Car

This windshield snow cover is sized 145cm x 120cm. A winter windshield cover that is perfect for most cars, especially on SUVs and sedan-type. When not in use, you can easily fold it for convenient storage in your trunk or under your rear seats. The elastic design helps resist tensile strength.




Weight: 0.5kg
Windshield part cover width: About 145cm
Material: Aluminum foil
Type: Magnetic+reflective strip

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Car Wind Shield Snow Cover

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