2 in 1 Electric Nail and Staple Gun

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Staple and Nail anything In Just Minutes!

Ditch the hammer and spend less energy burying the nail. With this staple gun, you can get the job done in just minutes. This electric nail gun is great for projects like hanging pendant lights, hanging shelves, attaching molding and baseboards as well as any other DIY project

  • Features shockproof, non-slip, and lightweight design to reduce user fatigue
  • With dual safety switches to protect users from operational accidents. 
  • Can be used on hard materials such as plywood, plastic, bamboo, PVC board, cardboard, etc. 
  • Nails 20pcs per minute, easily completing work and saving 30% of working time.

Do Nailing and Stapling With Just One Tool

This nail gun enables you to use nailing and stapling functionality at the same time. This electric nail gun is extremely easy to use and carry, has a durable construction, makes no noise, and doesn't require a compressor. This is suitable for upholstery of lightweight materials and wood projects at home.

Powerful and Precise Fastening

This staple gun has strong motor power and can drive 20 rounds per minute. This helps you easily complete the task and save 30% of your working time. This wood stapler also features a pressure knob that you can adjust depending on the surface you are nailing. You can use it on leather, plywood, plastic, bamboo, PVC board, cardboard, etc. 

Ensures Safe and Efficient Nailing

This wood stapler is lightweight and compact in size to provide you unparalleled access to confined locations. The design of this stapler incorporates impact resistance as well as tacker head insurance to prevent unintentional triggering. You won't be hurt by operational mistakes or be inconvenienced needlessly.


  • Voltage: 220-240V
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Rated firing speed: 20pcs/minute
  • Staple spec: Type53,8 16mm
  • Brand nails pec: Type F, 15-16mm

Package includes:

  • 1 x Electric Nail Gun

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2 in 1 Electric Nail and Staple Gun

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