Digital Torque Wrench

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Multifunctional Tool for Your Bike Repair 

Make this digital torque wrench among your essentials in the bike repair hand tools. A universal and multifunctional tool, it should come in handy whenever you get to use your ratchet wrench. No need to get another separate tool.

  • Convert your ratchet wrench into a torque wrench. No need to get a separate tool.
  • Dual type functionality --peak mode and trace mode
  • LED light indicator and buzzer alert once torque setting is reached
  • Auto shut off after 80 seconds if not used





You can easily convert your ratchet wrench into a torque wrench. You do not need to purchase another separate tool. It can also be used as a calibration device for digital and analog torque wrenches.




Get Dual Settings

It has two types of functions. The peak mode enables you to set the desired torque level and the trace mode shows how much torque is being applied on the display.




High Precision Accuracy

Range: 40-200 N-m (29.5 to147.5 ft per lb)
Unit: Kg-m, Kg-cm, lb-in, N-m, and Memory: 50


Convenient to Use

Large number display and bright LCD makes an easy to read to enable to use the button functions. 3-color LED lights and buzzer sound activated when torque setting is reached. The sleep timer automatically shuts off after 80 seconds of no usage.

Material Used

Chromium-vanadium steel

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Digital Torque Wrench
Digital Torque Wrench

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