Electric Hoist Crane

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Lift Heavy Objects Safely and Comfortably

Using your hands to lift and transport heavy objects is tiring and dangerous but not anymore! With this electric hoist crane, you can transfer heavy goods from one place to another without exerting an effort. This electric winch will make your hands injured free and your loads damage-free!

  • Single line capacity is 440 lbs/200 kg,33 ft/min. Double line capacity is 880 lbs/400 kg, 17 ft/min.
  • Can raise,  lower, and move the crane through wireless remote control.
  • Pure copper motor makes operation faster and has low noise
  • Widely used in homes, warehouses, building sites, logistics, and auto manufacturers.

Heavy Duty Electric Hoist Crane

The electric winch can carry 440 lbs/200 kg,33 ft/min with a single line. Double line capacity is 880 lbs/400 kg, 17 ft/min. This heavy-duty lift electric hoist has a pure copper motor that runs at 850W, which makes it fast and low noise. The motor can run continuously for a long time without needing any maintenance.

Operates With Minimal Effort

With the wireless remote control. you can raise, lower, and move the electric chain host with one hand which makes it simple to maneuver. The metal fixing rings make installation quite easy. Just keep in mind to compare the bar's width and height to the internal size of your equipment before attaching it.


Transports Any Objects Safely

Preventing overloads and accidents, this electric hoist with remote control has a limit switch that can instantly shut it down when the lifting device comes in contact with the hook. This electric winch is a great option for lifting objects such as gravel, stones, tiles, trees, equipment, and other items. 


  • Material: Cast Iron & Aluminum
  • Voltage: 110V(US) / 220V(EU)
  • Power: 850W
  • Load Capacity: 440 lbs / 200 kg, 880 lbs / 400 kg
  • Lifting Height: 39.4 ft / 12 m, 19.7 ft / 6 m
  • Lifting Speed: 33 ft/min / 10 m/min, 17 ft/min / 5 m/min
  • Steel Line Length: 39.4 ft / 12 m
  • Remote Control Cord Length: 4.8 ft / 1.45 m
  • Power Cord Length: 2.1 ft / 0.65 m
  • Cable Gauge: 0.16 in / 4 mm
  • Item Size: 16.9 x 5.9 x 9.8 in / 43 x 15 x 25 cm
  • Item weight: 33.1 lbs / 15 kg

Package includes:

  • 1 x Lift Electric Hoist
  • 2 x Lifting Lugs
  • 1 x Moveable Pulley
  • 1 x Bag of Screws
  • 1 x User manual

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Electric Hoist Crane
Electric Hoist Crane

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