Portable Car Polisher Machine

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Car Maintenance Made Easy

Having your car polished in professional car centers is a waste of time and money. With this electric car polisher machine, you can save hours from lining up and avoid spending hundreds of dollars. Just get your car polished in the comfort of your own garage!

  • Featured with low noise grinding function for more professional operation.
  • Velcro design allows easy installation and changing of cleaning pads.
  • Powerful 600W motor with adjustable variable speed up to 3500rpm.
  • With two side air outlets to prevent overheating and for longer working hours.


High-Performance Car Buffer

This car scratch remover is constructed with a powerful 600W motor that comes with an adjustable variable speed function to meet your work needs. You can polish your car at a lower speed and increase it up to 3500rpm. You will also not bother anyone as this has a low noise grinding feature.



Work with Ease and Security

This car polisher has a 70 inches long cable that allows you to move more efficiently, not limiting your workspace. You also don’t need to worry about overheating as this has two side air outlets for heat dissipation making the machine operate longer.


Designed to Convenience

To prevent operational fatigue, this car buffer is designed with an anti-skid and auxiliary handle. It also has a safety switch lock to maintain the speed while it operates. This car buffer polisher is lightweight making it easy to handle by both beginners and experts.



Customize your Work

This car polishing machine is not only suitable for cars but also works for household use, such as floor waxing, metal descaling, furniture waxing, jade polishing, etc. It also comes with several pads to fit different polishing needs. Simply screw to the tread to install the adhesive disk.



How To Use:


Usage of Accessories

  • The microfiber bonnet is used for applying wax.
  • The non-woven fabric bonnet is used for applying wax.
  • The wool bonnet is used for polishing.
  • The wool pad is used for removing slight scratches.
  • The flat orange pad is used for allowing the wax to be absorbed by the paint.
  • The wave orange pad is used for wiping the wax evenly.
  • When you use the bonnet, it should be covered on an orange pad.

Basic Package

  • 1 * Polisher with US Plug
  • 1 * Self Adhesive Disk
  • 1 * Wrench
  • 1 * Handle
  • 1 * Wool Wheel
  • 1 * Box

Standard Package:

  • 1 * Polisher with US Plug
  • 1 * Self Adhesive M14 Disk
  • 1 * Wrench
  • 1 * Handle
  • 1 * Wool Wheel
  • 2 * 5Inch Removable waxing tray
  • 1 * Box

Advanced Package:

  • 1 * Polisher with US Plug
  • 2 * Self Adhesive M14 Disk
  • 1 * Wrench
  • 1 * Handle
  • 2 * Wool Wheel
  • 2 * 5Inch Flat Polish Pad
  • 2 * 5Inch Wave Polish Pad

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    Portable Car Polisher Machine

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