Car Projector Alarm

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HUD Main Functions & Features

A. OBDII cable input: a. Up button = up motion

B. Power button: b. Ok button = inward button presses

C. Setting button: Three ways of setting the button: c. Down button = down motion

  1. 1. Engine RPM
  2. 2. Water temperature icon
  3. 3. RPM unit
  4. 4. Alarm (On/Off Option)
  5. 5. Speed unit at KM/H
  6. 6. Speed unit at MPH
  7. 7. Voltage icon
  8. 8. Multi-function area: speed, water temperature, voltage
  9. 9. Light sensor (Automatically adjust the brightness according to the environment)

It supports an over-speed alarm

It will automatically alarm if you Overspeed, so it can save you from looking down the speedometer and drive safely. 

You can freely set this value. Setting Speed range: 30-250KM/H.


  1. 1. Plug and Play connectivity with any OBDII or EUOBD capable vehicle;
  2. 2. Screen 3.5-inch HD display
  3. 3. Multi-color design makes the screen clearer and easier to read
  4. 4. Nano-technology to eliminate double reflections, more clarity
  5. 5. Rich Contents: speed, RPM, water temperature, voltage, single driving distance, low voltage alarm, high water temperature alarm, over-speed alarm, freely switch between kilometers & miles.
  6. 6. Auto power on/off: HUD power up and power down with vehicle, effective protection of the car battery with manual switch mode
  7. 7. 5-level brightness adjustment, automatic and manual brightness adjustment mode



Easy to install

Step1: Insert the OBD socket connector.
Step2: The wire is stuffed into the A-pillar
sealing strip.
Step3: Connect one end of the old interface to the HUD and place the HUD to a suitable position.


Head-up display

Front View HUD You can view navigation and information at eye level instead of looking down repeatedly to ensure safer driving

Light Sensor

 The brightness can automatically adjust by the environment


Safe Driving

80% of Accidents are Caused by Distraction Bow Your Head 3Second= Drive a Car 50 Meters Blindly


Water Temperature & Voltage Alarm

It will give an alarm when high water temperature or voltage error


OBD 2 Version: Compatible for: Cars in OBD II Standard (after 2007 years).

(Diesel cars, pure electric cars, hybrid cars can not be used). When you're ready to place an order, but don't know whether your car is compatible with the HUD, you can contact us! We're glad to help you!

Package List:

1* HUD body,
1* OBD data line,
1* reflection film,
1* anti-slip mat,
1* English Manual


Note: OBD System Only Compatible With Petrol Car, not compatible With Diesel Car Electric Car hybrid vehicle.

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Car Projector Alarm
Car Projector Alarm

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