EMF Reader Electromagnetic Radiation Tester

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Detect Harmful Radiation Before They Do Damage

Harmful electromagnetic radiation is all around us every day. Whether you are indoors or outdoors, at home or office, they are inevitably present. An EMF detector should come in handy to detect whether radiation is within safety level or not.

  • EMF reader dual detector for both electric and magnetic field radiation
  • Displays average and peak values and graphical trend
  • With screen and sound alarm if radiation exceeds safety level
  • Data locking feature so you can read and view radiation data


Dual-Use in One Device

An EMF reader with two uses. It can detect and test both the electric field radiation and the magnetic field emission simultaneously to reach the optimal test result. It displays the average or peak (maximum) value and the graphical trend. There is an automatic alarm if the radiation level is above the safe value (40V/m or 0.4μT/4mG).



Precise Measurement

Equipped with a built-in electromagnetic radiation sensor and micro-chip processor, this EMF reader can test and determine electromagnetic radiation levels for both indoor and outdoor.


Sound and Light Alarm

When the radiation level exceeds the safety value (0.4µT (4mG) or 40V/m), the EMF meter screen will flash red and induce the buzzer to alarm. If you’re testing in a quiet area, it is recommended to close the buzzer to avoid disturbing others.



View all Data in One Display

An EMF meter with a large and back-light LCD graphical display for clear and easy reading. It automatically powers off after 5 minutes if not in use. On one screen, it displays all relevant radiation data you need. With the data-locking feature, one key can freeze or lock the radiation value data for a view.



Easy to Operate

Your EMF detector is handheld and compact in size, it is stylish and easy to operate with one hand. Easy to move or make field measurements on-site. Mainly used for testing TV, computer, printer, microwave oven, refrigerator, hairdryer, cell towers, for low-frequency household appliances, wirings, and ghost hunting.


Product Specifications:

Electric field:
Range: 1V/m-1999V/m
Alarm threshold: >40V/m
Resolution: 1V/m
Magnetic field:
Range: 0.01μT-99.99μT / 0.1 mG - 999.99 mG
Alarm threshold: >0.4μT / 4mG
Resolution: 0.01μT / 0.1 mG



Product Includes:

1 unit electromagnetic radiation device
1 pc user’s manual in English
1 pc charging cable


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EMF Reader Electromagnetic Radiation Tester
EMF Reader Electromagnetic Radiation Tester

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