Rechargeable Portable Fish Finder

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Make Catching Fish More Fun and Easily

While fishing can be fun and relaxing, catching fish can sometimes be a challenge. This portable fish finder will help you find fish more easily with less time!  You can just bring your bait down the water, wait and enjoy without spending the entire day searching for fish. 

  • Can detect water up to 100m, and beam angle of 45degree in 200khz
  • Screen displays underwater contour, water depth, water temperature, and fish size
  • Made to be carried by one hand or worn on the neck as it comes with a strap.
  • Comes with a sound alarm when fish or a school of fish passed by.

Detects Fish More Faster

This fish finder comes with a sonar transducer that detects changes in water depth as you move through it. It also features a lamp that makes fish lure into the boat catching fish faster. The detection range for water depth is 3 feet (1 m) to 328 feet (100 m). The 



Helpful Data Display

Using this depth finder, you get to see the condition of the water without using separate devices. This ice-fishing fish finder displays underwater contour, water depth, water temperature, and fish size whether small, medium, or large. Plus, you will also receive sound alarms if fish or fishing schools pass by! 



Adapts To Your Fishing Needs

If you are fishing this depth finder for boat in clear or murky water, worry no more as you can still see it by adjusting the sensitivity. Additionally, whether you are in bright or dark areas, turning on the backlight will help you see the display more clearly. You can also freely change the unit to feet or meters, depending on your choice. 



Fish More Conveniently 

This kayak fish finder is designed to be carried by one hand or to be worn around the neck as it comes with a strap. This allows you to comfortably fish without losing your balance. This fish finder for boat can operate nonstop for at least 4-5 hours. Activating battery save mode will allow it to operate for even longer.




  • Display:2.4inch TFT color LCD
  • Back lighting: On/off White LED
  • Depth Capability: 147feet(45m)
  • Sonar Coverage: 90 degrees beam angle in 125Khz
  • Wireless operational Range: 1108-1CW:328feet(100m); 1108-1CWLA:(60m)
  • Power: 3.7V rechargeable lithium batteries
  • Waterproof design: level-4(spray-water-proof)
  • Water depth,water temperature, fish location, and bottom contour can be constantly obtained from the water
  • User selectable sensitivity zoom,units,depth range,shallow alarm,fish icon,fish alarm,and chart speed setting
  • Built-in memory stores sonar setting when the fish finder is turned off
  • It's better to charge the device before use.
  • Operational Temperature: 14degF to 122degF(-10degC to 50degC)


Package includes:

  • Fish Finder*1pc
  • Wireless sonar sensor*1pc
  • Manual *1pc
  • Neck Strap*1pc

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Rechargeable Portable Fish Finder

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