Steering Wheel Lock Car Wheel Lock

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Enjoy Peace of Mind for Your Car Safety

Give your car an extra level of security. A
steering wheel lock can best serve this purpose. After all, your automobile is your peace of mind.

  • Hardened steel to resist prying, sawing, hammering, and freon attacks
  • Highly visible that provides a strong visual deterrent
  • Compatible with most vehicle types and models
  • 25sec 130db alarm sound even for a slight shake after locking 


Assurance of Strength of Security

This steering wheel lock body is made of hardened steel molding to give you maximum resistance against prying, sawing, hammering, and freon attacks. It will never rust and is highly durable to increase strength, low interim rate, and leather protective pad to avoid scratches to the steering wheel.



Anti-Theft Design

This car wheel lock has a lock handle that can clamp the car body, the steering wheel cannot rotate which greatly improves anti-theft performance. Additionally, it is highly visible that provides a strong deterrent for possible penetrators.



Easy to Use and Compatible

With this steering wheel lock, you can position the clamp with only one pull which is tougher for thieves to defeat. You could lock or unlock it within 5 seconds which greatly saves your valuable time. Highly compatible with most vehicles types and models --cars, trucks, and vans.



With Alarm System

After locking, the alarm function starts in 8 seconds with the red light alarm lock flashing. Even with a slight shake, the alarm will emit a 25s 130db alarm sound.




Not only a steering wheel lock but also a safety hammer. The lock has a solid lock body that can be used as a self-defense weapon. In an emergency, It can smash the car window for personal safety.

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Steering Wheel Lock Car Wheel Lock

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